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Editorial Now that everything is moving to the cloud internet, you might think that data loss is a thing of the past. Sadly, as the past few months have taught us, this actually isn't true; we first had the Microsoft/Danger disaster, and now we have Palm and Sprint facing a class-action lawsuit over data loss for webOS phones. All this raises the question: how safe is it to store your precious data on the internet, and do you really trust the internet?
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by sbenitezb on Thu 10th Dec 2009 16:38 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: NEVER"
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Permanent Fatal Error ... it is hardly about "I have nothing to hide" philosophy [and it's a childish way of thinking too]. It is rather about: "will they use my data to track me / make money on me / spy me / sell it / use targeted marketing on me ... or ... "will someone else gain an access to the data stored on their servers?". Just use your imagination. Don't be that straightforwardly naive.

I hope you're using Tor and you encrypt all your messages (SMSs, mails, chats, etc), because otherwise you are already being tracked and served.

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