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Graphics, User Interfaces For as long as I can remember, I've been having issues with scrolling in Windows and its applications. When scrolling via dragging the scroll blob, it seemed as if Windows had the annoying habit of randomly resetting your scroll blob to its starting position, which irritated me to no end. It took me a while to figure out, but I finally know when this behaviour occurs - now I just need to know: why?!
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Comment by Darak
by Darak on Thu 10th Dec 2009 20:20 UTC
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The only correct behaviour when clicking inside the scrollbar is "jump to here". The incorrect, inconsistent, annoying and obnoxious outcome is "move one set arbitrary distance down/up".

Both solutions are wrong. "Jump to here"? What part of the window should go to the point clicked? The top? The bottom? An arbitrary point inside? Not only that, but accurately predicting the actual meaning of a relative point in a document inside the scrollbar is pretty hard, meaning that you'll likely miss your attempt by some ammount, and once you clicked, there is no way to retry the gesture since the displaced thumb is now blocking access to the bar behind. If you want to scroll to an arbitrary point, it is better to drag the scrollbar, and you'll have the benefit of previewing and adjusting the position as you do it.

The correct solution is to give the gesture an useful meaning: just scroll a full page of text. This is the solution used by Windows and there is absolutely zero problems with it. It is a bit invisible, though, and most people don't know that you can click and hold to scroll continuously until the point clicked, in a way similar to your proposal.

Anyway, you're 100% correct about the thumb reset bug and I'd love to hear an explanation from someone in the known.

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