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Features, Office This week, Microsoft announced that, with the next version of Office, it will support saving files to Adobe's Portable Document Format, or PDF. While logical, the move raises questions about how the PDF support will coexist with Windows Vista's move to its own page description format, known as Metro. Sinofsky [Microsoft Senior Vice President] also addressed how Microsoft views the controversy surrounding Massachusetts' mandate for the OpenDocument standard.
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Why is the inclusion of such a feature worth making any noise over?

It isn't.

OpenOffice and others have supported exporting to PDF for a long time, and as you said, there are already print drivers that allow you to print anything to a PDF file.

To me, this is nothing more than Microsoft saying, "See, we support open standards too! See! See!"

Political nonsense at its best. A bunch of blathering with no substance whatsoever.

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