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Mozilla & Gecko clones The ripples caused by Google's Eric Schmidt's words are spreading further and further throughout the internet. Asa Dotzler, Mozilla's director of community development, wrote on his blog, urging people to switch away from Google to Bing, which he claims has a better privacy policy. Dotzler points users to the Firefox Bing add-on.
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Bing might not be better
by JoeBuck on Fri 11th Dec 2009 19:00 UTC in reply to "Good"
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While Google's policies raise concerns, in the US, the Patriot Act requires both Bing and Google to retain way more information about searches than necessary, and both search engines have a strong incentive to make money off of search by targeting ads, which is most effectively done by tracking and building profiles on users. They don't need to know your name, but they'll want to know what user #23451247 is interested in, what his/her kinks are, how to persuade user #23451247 to buy stuff, and they'll want to sell that information to advertisers, who can then correlate that profile with profiles from elsewhere that will allow a name to be attached.

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