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Legal Back in October, Nokia sued Apple for patent infringement. In a response back then, Apple already stated it would defend itself vigorously. We now know just how vigorously: Apple has countersued Nokia, claiming the Finnish electronics company is infringing 13 of Apple's patents. It's on.
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Huh? If any thing a cross licensing deal is, perhaps, more likely in this case.

Which one of these two companies do you think would fork out cash? Apple won't do it now; they've countersued - too much self-righteous pride to do that. Nokia won't fork out a penny. They've got a far bigger grab bag of relevant patents and tons of licensing precedent.

They'll both want to walk away with their pound of flesh and the only way they can both do that is with a cross licensing deal: Apple doesn't pay up and get's to save face. Nokia walks away with the only "legitimate" license to pinch, flick, blah, blah, blah...

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