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Legal The CrunchPad/Joo Joo soap opera continues. Michael Arrington remained silent during the introduction of the Joo Joo, but today he filed the lawsuit against Fusion Garage, and posted the actual document of it on the internet (naturally). The case presents, in great detail, Arrington's side of the story.
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RE: Terrible Industrial Names
by eksasol on Sat 12th Dec 2009 01:13 UTC in reply to "Terrible Industrial Names"
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I still don't understand what is all the hype. It's just a screen that can only act a web browser for $500. It immediately become desirable just because you can touch it.

For the same money you can get a pretty decent netbook or a labtop that can outperform this and do more tasks. Your arms aren't going to break from carrying a few extra ounces. Even Apple products are more compelling at this point.

I can't even see this thing as commercially prevalent for too many people beside those who has money to blow. It would be somewhat a little more attractive if it cost $200-$250 and has a name that isn't racist sounding.

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