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Legal The CrunchPad/Joo Joo soap opera continues. Michael Arrington remained silent during the introduction of the Joo Joo, but today he filed the lawsuit against Fusion Garage, and posted the actual document of it on the internet (naturally). The case presents, in great detail, Arrington's side of the story.
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funny statement
by funny_irony on Sat 12th Dec 2009 04:47 UTC
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I found that this statement is very funny ;)

"We didn’t learn about this until last Summer because
Singapore media, including blogs, are largely controlled by the government. Embarrassing stuff just isn’t reported."

Although Singapore government like to cover up embarrassing stuff related to the government. However, Fusion Garage is not a Government Linked Company and Chandrasekar Rathakrishnan doesn't have any connections to anyone in the ruling party.
Therefore, it is unlikely that Singapore Government would want to cover up his ass ;)

I think CrunchPad is a big fat liar who want to make big bucks without investing too much money or risk. They make empty promise to Rathakrishnan so that Fusion Garage would do the R&D for them.

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