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Mozilla & Gecko clones The ripples caused by Google's Eric Schmidt's words are spreading further and further throughout the internet. Asa Dotzler, Mozilla's director of community development, wrote on his blog, urging people to switch away from Google to Bing, which he claims has a better privacy policy. Dotzler points users to the Firefox Bing add-on.
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RE[2]: Follow the money
by sbergman27 on Sat 12th Dec 2009 17:40 UTC in reply to "RE: Follow the money"
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"Apparently, Microsoft Corp has offered Mozilla Corp more money for less effort than has Google, Inc."

What a crock a crap.

I'll betcha I'm right, though. There will be a carefully worded announcement pertaining to this sometime in the next month or so. :-)

It makes perfect sense for MS to offer. It would be surprising if they didn't now that they've kicked their search efforts into high gear. And if MS offered and Mozilla turned it down, Mozilla Corp would be playing that PR card all over the Internet. But they aren't. Instead, they have a well known Mozilla rep unofficially floating this trial balloon in his blog.

Microsoft has recently offered Mozilla a truck-load of money, and Mozilla Corp wants to accept it. Just watch.

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