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Linux After Linus began criticizing Red Hat over not upstreaming the Nouveau driver and Red Hat then attributing this on microcode issues less than a day ago, David Airlie has prepared a patch to introduce the Nouveau DRM in the Linux 2.6.33 kernel. This free software NVIDIA driver will finally be entering the mainline Linux kernel.
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by demetrioussharpe on Sun 13th Dec 2009 01:24 UTC in reply to "Comment by cerbie"
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Now if we could just get X replaced, we'd be set (vsync, FI, should be a core feature, not a feature of a handful of drivers, and mplayer should not be able to lock up the entire X server). I love Linux, but Xorg is worse than ALSA. Maybe one day the entire display subsystem will be implemented in a fast, stable manner inside the kernel...

If you truly don't like XWindows, then you can always pick up where the YWindows group left off. It's still open source & it's stalled, so it's just sitting there waiting for some motivated person to pick it up, dust it off, & polish it up.

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