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Graphics, User Interfaces For as long as I can remember, I've been having issues with scrolling in Windows and its applications. When scrolling via dragging the scroll blob, it seemed as if Windows had the annoying habit of randomly resetting your scroll blob to its starting position, which irritated me to no end. It took me a while to figure out, but I finally know when this behaviour occurs - now I just need to know: why?!
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Comment by biffuz
by biffuz on Mon 14th Dec 2009 14:55 UTC
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My personal preference on scrollbars are:

1 - the scroll blob. I drag it, so I don't care what happens when I click on the empty bar. But if I have to choose, I am more on the wrong side: it should scroll down (or up of course) to what immediately follows what I'm seeing. I blame the lazy programmers here.

2 - the arrows. I don't care about them, but I prefer them to the top and bottom.

3 - the touchpad. Can't go back from my MacBook's multi-touch pad, scrolling with two fingers on the glass pane feels so damn good...

4 - the mouse wheel. Mice makers should put more attention on this, it should be soft and silent, and you must feel the steps. Unfortunately, on most mice it's either hard, noisy, or the steps aren't precise.

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