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OpenStep, GNUstep The GNUstep project has released a new version of its Live CD, including many GNUstep software and developer tools. As a bonus you get some classic games like nethack, and quite a few network and system recovery and administrator tools. There are also a few 3D and audio programs on it. It's based on the 2.6.31 Linux kernel and Debian Linux distribution, and is created using the live-helper package. It is available for i386, powerpc, ultrasparc, and amd64. It comes with some added multimedia software packages like mplayer, lame, lives, vamps, mypaint, milkytracker, schismtracker, goattracker, opencubicplayer, and a nice selection of free fonts (like M+) and fontmatrix. Google Chrome is installed too.
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Seth Quarrier
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You have it backwards, Etoile uses/is based on GNUStep. Your question is a little like why doesn't GTK use GNOME. I think what you mean is why doesn't GNUStep use the Camaelon theme from Etoile, and the answer is that it can and Camaelon is included in the livecd.

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