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Gnome Over the weekend, there has been a bit of a ruffling of the feathers over in the GNOME camp. It started with complaints received about the content on Planet GNOME, and ended with people proposing and organising a vote to split GNOME from the GNU Project.
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RE[3]: Spectrum of opinion.
by fossil on Tue 15th Dec 2009 02:13 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Spectrum of opinion."
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Not to pick a fight, but I don't think that Gnome has been an install option in Slackware for some time. I installed Slackware 13 a while back and vaguely remember KDE, XFCE, and Fluxbox being options, and perhaps others but not Gnome. A quick check via Google shows a post by Pat V. dated 23 Mar 2005, stating it was being dropped and why.

Be that as it may, if GNOME finds itself in fundamental disagreement with GNU's core principles, i.e. the four freedoms, it should do itself, GNU, and everyone else a favor be leaving gracefully. Personally, I don't care what GNOME does or if there is a GNOME tomorrow, XFCE and KDE,are preferable DE's for me, and I'd really rather use Fluxbox or LXDE than GNOME. Not sure why. Full disclosure: posted from Debian Squeeze, using Opera on an XFCE desktop. Oh, and ... FSF dues-paying member.

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