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Gnome Over the weekend, there has been a bit of a ruffling of the feathers over in the GNOME camp. It started with complaints received about the content on Planet GNOME, and ended with people proposing and organising a vote to split GNOME from the GNU Project.
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RMS replied, stating that GNOME should not provide a platform for the promotion of non-Free software. "They should not [talk about VMware], unless VmWare becomes free software. GNOME should not provide proprietary software developers with a platform to present non-free software as a good or legitimate thing," he states, "Perhaps the statement of Planet GNOME's philosophy should be interpreted differently. It should not invite people to talk about their proprietary software projects just because they are also GNOME contributors."

The executive director of the GNOME Foundation, Stormy Peters, thought this was ridiculous.

I am appalled at Stallman's views but not surprised. Peters is correct. These type of views might have been Ok when FOSS was for hobbyists but its mainstream these days. Many FOSS projects would simply die if "for profit" (wash your mouth out :-) ) organisations withdrew their support. Look at the difference between OOo and Abi Word! Tell me Stallman; which one do you think is the better?

Its about time we all moved on from this sillyness.


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