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GNU, GPL, Open Source "On behalf of the developers behind the open source BusyBox project, the Software Freedom Law Center has launched a major lawsuit against 14 consumer electronics companies. According to a complaint filed by the SFLC, the companies named in the suit failed to comply with the requirements of GNU's General Public License, the free software license under which the BusyBox code is distributed."
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by Junius on Tue 15th Dec 2009 03:00 UTC
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It may sound cheesy but it kind of restores your faith in people when you see organisations like the SFLC fighting for the little guy like this.

Although having said that, it's still very annoying to see companies like Samsung; who really should no better, violating the GPL and taking hard working developers for a ride.

I know it's the materialist capitalist system that encourages this kind of behaviour but that's not an excuse. Thank you SFLC! I'll be having a pint in your honour tonight.

Just out of curiosity; I read on wikipedia that busybox is in the bthomehub? I don't recall being offered the source or a copy of the GPLv2 when I received my hub. Does anybody have any info on this?

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