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Graphics, User Interfaces We have heard a lot lately about projects aimed at bringing all that eye candy of operating systems such as OS X to the Linux world. Projects such as Xgl, Enlightenment, and others have given us a glimpse of what's coming, but what can you do to enjoy a taste of some of the future… today?
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Linux vs Mac
by zombie process on Thu 14th Jul 2005 02:11 UTC
zombie process
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"What's the point... just buy a Mac. The author of that article is just trying ot duplicate a Mac, and does it poorely."

If you really think that, you simply don't understand linux or people who use it. I'm typing this on my Powermac, running Panther so I'm no hater, but if my mac disappeared tomorrow, all I'd really miss is safari. For many people, Macs are a) stifling, and b) extremely overpriced. For many people, linux is just as useful as OS X, far less expensive, and far less restrictive.

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