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Windows Ah, MinWin. The elusive project in the Windows team that has been misunderstood more times than I can count. Once again, Mark Russinovich, more or less the Linus of the Windows world (I win stupidest comparison of the year award), has explained what MinWin is all about, while also touching upon a number of other changes to the core of Windows. Before we start: thanks to BetaNews for once again detailing these technical talks regarding the core of Windows so well.
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by ritesh_nair on Tue 15th Dec 2009 08:58 UTC
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Dear Mark,

If your team can ship the kernel to the market. With addons as plugins to the OS, with nightly builds then all the geeks and free loaders and those who bash windows will think you have a cooler product.

Trust me, I quit using linux since kernel 2.2. It annoyed me having to install all those binaries and those version mismatches. I love windows because it just works well at almost 98 to 99 % of the times. I do not prefer linux unless its a grid, a cloud or a bit of HPC.
I dont know how many people advocating linux would have advocated it if it was not free. They should try the Red Cap>> <deliberately miss spelt> linux. Then they will know what fees they pay and support they get. If you open a windows box you can almost always understand things because its made simple, but with linux, well i am not launching a rocket, running an atm, or doing protein folding using FP32. Hehhehe.

Oh and with Windows compute Cluster,/HPC well i dont have to worry about what things to do, and focus on what i want to do.

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