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Gnome Over the weekend, there has been a bit of a ruffling of the feathers over in the GNOME camp. It started with complaints received about the content on Planet GNOME, and ended with people proposing and organising a vote to split GNOME from the GNU Project.
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RE[4]: A Tale of Two Communities
by czayas on Tue 15th Dec 2009 12:51 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: A Tale of Two Communities"
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As you can see there, the right to education is there as a way to keep people uneducated based on their race, class, sex, etc in countries where such discrimination exists. How does free software and open standards on the internet have anything to do with that?

When you said "to keep people uneducated" I think you meant "to help uneducated people", right? Well, in my honest opinion, the point here is discrimination, as you say, in "race, class, sex, etc".

Proprietary software is discriminatory. Only an exclusive group of people has access to source code, although probably a significant percentage of that code is based on free software. Another problem, but of lesser importance, is that proprietary software licenses are available only for people who can afford them.

Education and the GNU Project:

Why schools should exclusively use free software:

Why give precedence to Free Software at school:

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