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Windows Ah, MinWin. The elusive project in the Windows team that has been misunderstood more times than I can count. Once again, Mark Russinovich, more or less the Linus of the Windows world (I win stupidest comparison of the year award), has explained what MinWin is all about, while also touching upon a number of other changes to the core of Windows. Before we start: thanks to BetaNews for once again detailing these technical talks regarding the core of Windows so well.
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by po134 on Tue 15th Dec 2009 16:26 UTC
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first off he talks about minwin in his "kernel talk" from last PDC, available freely online.

I raelly don't know how it works in the *nix world, but @ microsoft and IBM there is what they call "technical fellow" (forgot the ibm term) that are on the same pay-check level and hierarchy as VP but with freedom. They are few:

They give technical advice to other people in the cie and most of them don't have "direct power" (like Mark), but some do have power, for example some are team/department leaders. But who wouldn't consider mark's thoughts? He is very well articulated and isn't "controlled" by msft (just watch this talk when he disable UAC in a matter a second because it is not a security bondary: or when he used the term "vista performance" as an analogy to poor performance ;) )

I love the fact there is no single guru, that must create some healthy discussion ;)

BTW. Mary Jo's blog on ZDnet US talks about the "big brain" @Microsoft and have a few interresting presentation of the lesser known technical fellows:;pos...

anyone know how is designed linux... who make choices? where can I find information such as the one we have on or channe9 series on architecture on the linux side? I mean I'm interrested, but it's all so underground and stuff ...

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