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GNU, GPL, Open Source "On behalf of the developers behind the open source BusyBox project, the Software Freedom Law Center has launched a major lawsuit against 14 consumer electronics companies. According to a complaint filed by the SFLC, the companies named in the suit failed to comply with the requirements of GNU's General Public License, the free software license under which the BusyBox code is distributed."
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RE[3]: Good!
by Junius on Tue 15th Dec 2009 19:14 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Good!"
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BT is just generally a horrible company! When my flatmates and I went with them they didn't configure the connection properly at their end; fair enough mistakes happen, I can forgive human error most of the time as long as it's fixed promptly.

What I cannot forgive is being told it's working perfectly and we haven't set it up properly. But that's okay they'll send an engineer for £80; I don't think so pals!

On top of that, when we finally did get connected they claimed that in the month that we weren't connected we downloaded 100G worth of stuff; considering that even when we have internet the only big download is an ISO every 6 months I find that highly unlikely.

Value for money at £112p/q?

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