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Windows Now that Windows 7 has been out and about for a while, the first balance sheets regarding its success start popping up. Consumer helpdesk firm iYogi surveyed 100000 of their customers, and the results of that test paint a relatively positive picture for Microsoft's latest operating system release - but one problem point sticks out like a big eye sore.
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Mac's & upgrades
by BigDaddy on Tue 15th Dec 2009 21:46 UTC
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I think we can all agree that when it comes to seamless upgrades to new releases, Apple is the undisputed king.

Not to knock Mac's, I have no experience nor interest in them, but I would say that they have an easier time upgrading for a simple reason. They are not supporting an infinite number of possible configurations like Windows and the Linux distributions. Even if you count every model of Mac since OSX was released, it wouldn't come close to the number of hardware configurations of any of the Windows & Linux Distributions releases of the past 10 years.

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