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OSNews, Generic OSes "An increasing number of machines are equipped with hardware that can be used to support trustworthy computing. Trustworthy computing enables applications to make strong assurances about their behavior. Existing operating systems do not provide the right execution environment for trustworthy computing, and so are unable to fully exploit this emerging opportunity. The Nexus is a new operating system for trustworthy computing. Its microkernel architecture greatly reduces the size of the trusted computing base (TCB) by moving functionality out of the kernel."
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by license_2_blather on Wed 16th Dec 2009 02:01 UTC
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It's an academic exercise. It got them a grant. I don't see it becoming much more than the embedded OS for the new RIAApod.

That DRM media player thing is odd, though -- not the way I would encourage free-software enthusiasts to jump on board. Maybe they are shooting for post-grant $$$.

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