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Windows Now that Windows 7 has been out and about for a while, the first balance sheets regarding its success start popping up. Consumer helpdesk firm iYogi surveyed 100000 of their customers, and the results of that test paint a relatively positive picture for Microsoft's latest operating system release - but one problem point sticks out like a big eye sore.
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RE[2]: Mac's & upgrades
by BigDaddy on Wed 16th Dec 2009 02:21 UTC in reply to "RE: Mac's & upgrades"
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I don't see this as a disadvantage, but rather as an alternative choice which I am glad to have available.

I never said it was a disadvantage, I was merely stating fact. For some people that is appealing. For me, it is appalling. I much prefer piecing together my computers. In an professional environment, I might feel differently, but at home I enjoy playing and tinkering.

I would compare it to the people who like RC cars. Some just want to buy one and start racing. Others want the whole experience. I would be of the latter. There is nothing wrong in either of them.

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