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GNU, GPL, Open Source Yesterday, we reported that the Software Freedom Law Center had started a lawsuit against several companies who they claim violated the GPL. The subject of the violation was BusBox, and the SFLC claims it is operating on behalf of the authors of BusyBox. Original BusyBox author Bruce Perens, however, begs to differ.
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RE[4]: Why GPL then?
by Ed W. Cogburn on Wed 16th Dec 2009 05:46 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Why GPL then?"
Ed W. Cogburn
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Ah, right, so simple. So when I buy a TV containing GPL firmware from Walmart, they should be providing me with the source code before I leave the store...

Ironic that you would use a TV as an example, since several of the high-end plasma TVs being made now use embedded Linux (and can probably be bought at Walmart). Obviously, those OEMs have no problem with GPL compliance.

now I must be more mindful when re-selling anything using GPL software in the future.

If you're a Walmart, just pass all requests/issues to the OEM, and if you're an individual selling something on Ebay, who the hell is ever going to bother to sue anyway? Its not like these lawsuits actually make anyone money! All these lawsuits we've been talking about are with OEMs (knowingly) using embedded Linux in (current) retail products.

Mountain != Mole Hill

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