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Gnome In the item we ran yesterday about GNOME and the GNU Project, one aspect got snowed under a little bit. It turns out a claim made in the iTWire article about the role a blog post by Miguel De Icaza was false, and even though the claim wasn't ours, I did repeat it, and therefore, should correct it too. I also need to offer apologies for not framing the opening of the article clear enough - had I framed it better, a lot of pointless discussion and name-calling could've been avoided.
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I think you need to go back to school and learn what plagiarism meanS before making such serious and heavy accusations. Plagiarism meaning taking someone else's words and ideas, and claiming them as your own, without giving source.

We do NOT do that.

We ALWAYS properly provide attribution and links, and we ALWAYS make it clear that our content is not our own. I find it very unpleasant and hurtful to claim that I plagiarise.

I can handle Mac, Linux or whatever trolls, but you're really going too far. Your personal attack on me is not only clearly unfounded, but probably also just designed to hurt me instead of doi g anything else.

Very unpleasant and unessecary. An apology would be nice.

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