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Gnome In the item we ran yesterday about GNOME and the GNU Project, one aspect got snowed under a little bit. It turns out a claim made in the iTWire article about the role a blog post by Miguel De Icaza was false, and even though the claim wasn't ours, I did repeat it, and therefore, should correct it too. I also need to offer apologies for not framing the opening of the article clear enough - had I framed it better, a lot of pointless discussion and name-calling could've been avoided.
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RE: It is all okay
by spiderman on Wed 16th Dec 2009 09:36 UTC in reply to "It is all okay"
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It is all okay. At least here we can discuss and flame whatever we want. That is to say, at least here the editorial doesn't push GNU/FSF-style censorship, exclusion, and demonization of alternative views.

It's not the same thing at all. Here is a neutral blog that is not involved in software creation at all.
Call me when you see GNU adverts on a Microsoft site, or when you can buy Windows in an Apple shop ==> "censorship, exclusion, and demonization of alternative views."
You don't understand it at all. The FSF present their view because they have one. They're not a neutral party blogging about everything and anything.

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