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Gnome In the item we ran yesterday about GNOME and the GNU Project, one aspect got snowed under a little bit. It turns out a claim made in the iTWire article about the role a blog post by Miguel De Icaza was false, and even though the claim wasn't ours, I did repeat it, and therefore, should correct it too. I also need to offer apologies for not framing the opening of the article clear enough - had I framed it better, a lot of pointless discussion and name-calling could've been avoided.
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a core of the discussion in the mailing list was to address a complain raised by somebody over a post at planet gnome ..somebody complained the post was inappropriate and comments were asked what content are appropriate and what arent

RMS commented on an already going on thread and gave his opinions about what he doesnt consider as appropriate and the anti-RMS crowd came out and start calling for gnome to break away from GNU

Thom, wanted to rant about RMS and wanted the focus to be and to remain on RMS and his mentioning of mr Icaza and gnome "confused" the commenters and they went on the path he didnt want them to go and that is what he is saying on this follow up ..

the only follow up that was critical is to report what post on planet gnome was responsible and he still hasnt ..he just said it wasnt Icaza's post because he "trust" somebody he said it wasnt but who also didnt mention what post was actually responsible ..

it sounds like osnews(or thom alone??) has taken a side against RMS

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