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Privacy, Security, Encryption This news is already a week old, but it only got submitted to us today, and I didn't notice it all. As it turns out, two malicious software packages had been uploaded to, masquerading as valid .deb packages (a GNOME screensaver and theme, respectively).
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by lemur2 on Thu 17th Dec 2009 00:46 UTC in reply to "eugh @"
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eugh @ "‘This minor incident highlights both the inherent strength of the repository system, as well as one of its weaknesses.’
GNOME-LOOK is a third party collection of themes that you can install at your own risk. It’s nearly the same as getting a porn pop-up with a .deb file link in. This has nothing to do with repository systems, and 100% to do with trust. "

Exactly. This trojan did not get to users systems via the repository/package manager system. It relied instead on users downloading an individual package via a web browser, and then installing it manually once it had been downloaded.

This instance actually serves to higlight the strength of the repository/package manager system.

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