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Legal Well, this pretty much seals the deal. Psystar is now officially burnt down to the ground, nothing left, it's all over. Judge William Alsup has granted Apple's motion for a permanent injunction, and even though the actual legal case only involved Leopard, the injunction specifically covers Snow Leopard and Rebel EFI as well.
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The thoughts of Chairman Thom
by Piot on Thu 17th Dec 2009 14:25 UTC
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"Effectively, if PsyStar was a Dutch company, Apple would have legs to stand on to legally force them to stop distributing Mac OS X Leopard pre-installed." Thom Holwerds

"A lot of people (i.e., people who value their rights) believe that the consumer should be put first, not the companies. Clearly, the American justice system, legislators, and a number of Apple fanatics believe otherwise. Sadly, they appear to be in a majority in the US." Thom Holwerds

Thom, why do you keep singling out Americans and anyone else that disagrees with your naive view and calling them all...fanboys?

Even so called 'experts' in your own country disagree with you, yet you still insist that everybody is in the wrong... apart from you.

Why is that?

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