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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu In a surprise move (at least, it was surprising to me), Ubuntu founder and Canonical CEO Mark Shuttleworth has announced he's stepping down as the CEO of Canonical, the commercial endeavour behind the Ubuntu Linux distribution. He will continue, however, to play major role in the company and Ubuntu's future.
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Oh no! More Shuttleworth "design"?
by gabe on Thu 17th Dec 2009 19:30 UTC
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Mark may fancy himself a product design type, but he's got a way to go on that front.

The Nautilus "mixed spatial/browse" mode was awful, and was directly pushed by Mark before being forgotten about. Now we have big gaps above libnotify popups and horrible "message indicator" applets (hey look, it's a whole new notification system and launch paradigm - just for messaging applications!)

Oh, and the fast-user-switch applet has every shutdown option right there in the menu, and insists on polluting my taskbar with a Unix username, all in lower case. How's that for good design?

In general, Canonical applications and artwork nearly always fall short of a good user experience. Launchpad is only now starting to look decent and work well. Ubuntu One is still shaky-feeling. The default Karmic panel applet setup is boggling and clunky.

I'm glad Mark is refocusing on the areas he's passionate about. I just hope he's not intending to be the final arbiter of Ubuntu design decisions.

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