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Privacy, Security, Encryption This news is already a week old, but it only got submitted to us today, and I didn't notice it all. As it turns out, two malicious software packages had been uploaded to, masquerading as valid .deb packages (a GNOME screensaver and theme, respectively).
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RE[6]: Audit packages - Debian
by lemur2 on Thu 17th Dec 2009 22:37 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Audit packages - Debian"
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It depends on the distribution. I think most of the security research community would be impressed if you could get a malicious package through Debian's vetting stages and into stable back-ports or testing repositories.

Exactly so.

Debian' use of package management goes back to the 1999-2004 timeframe.

No instance has ever been recorded of a mailicious package getting through the system yet, for many thousands of packages, over a decade timespan.

A few times in that period some Debian servers have been hacked. Some intruders even got root access, I beleieve. Even so, still no way was found to inject any hidden malware into the system.

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