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Legal Last week, OSNews received an interesting email from a German attorney. It informed us that a company called Smartbook AG has a trademark in several countries to the term "Smartbook" and admonished us (semi-threateningly) not to use the term for anything but his client's company's products. Our first reaction was, "huh?" But a quick search reminded us that several companies, most notably Qualcomm, have started referring to low-power mini-notebooks as smartbooks. It turns out that OSNews, and many other news sources, have been caught in a trademark dispute between Smartbook AG and Qualcomm. This prompted me to do a little research on trademark law.
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2006? Way too late
by tingo on Fri 18th Dec 2009 02:57 UTC
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So, this german company has sold computers under the name "SmartBook" since 2006. Bah, they are way, way too late. A norwegian computer vendor named Cinet sold laptops under the Smartbook name long before that. Google "Cinet smartbook" if you will.

Example : (in Norwegian) a test of the Cinet SmartBook 1200, written in 2003:

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