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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Over the weekend Barnes & Noble's Nook was rooted and the hacking and developer community is hard at work bringing new functionality to adventurous Nook owners.
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RE[4]: why
by Ed W. Cogburn on Fri 18th Dec 2009 11:53 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: why"
Ed W. Cogburn
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I would *never* buy an e-reader that had a full android OS.

If you want to remain a total hostage to the OEM you are of course free to do so, but note that the author of TFA himself mentions 'that one feature' that he would like to have (but can't get as long as its locked-down).

I suspect the total number of folks wanting features that they can't get in the locked down version will typically be more than 0.01%, hence the pressure over the long term for the OEM's to open up their appliances (or at least make it easy for those who want out of the straight-jacket, to get out).

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