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Mac OS X Late last night (CET), we reported on the story that the VLC project needed more developers for the Mac version of this popular video player, or else the Mac variant may disappear. Just about every website out there reported on this issue, but it turns out it all got a bit exaggerated (on the internet? Surely you jest...). We spoke to VLC developer Pierre d'Herbemont to clarify the issue, and they've also put up a wiki page about the so-called demise of the Mac version of VLC. He also detailed what, exactly, they meant by "Apple is blocking us".
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RE[5]: Qt4 Interface?
by unapersson on Fri 18th Dec 2009 16:41 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Qt4 Interface?"
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Note to people who seem a bit confused: Firefox was not a rewrite of Mozilla. It was a strip-down and streamlining of Mozilla. The stupid mistake was in throwing out so much of Netscape's mature and tested code back in 1998 and 1999... long before Phoenix/Firefox.

It was mature and tested but struggled to support CSS. Even the earliest buggiest betas of Mozilla and Netscape 6 had superior CSS support to IE6. The rendering engine was solid, most of the problems came with the decision to render the UI with XUL rather that sticking the new rendering engine in a more conservative UI.

They could have released Netscape 5 based on the Netscape 4 codebase, an alpha did appear at one point and it was an improvement on 4, but it could have done little more than keep the Netscape brand limping along.

They still did not have Microsoft's ability to stick their browser on every windows desktop which is the thing that really unseated Netscape. If it wasn't for that they could have kept with 4 until 5 was ready. Netscape might have had 80% of the market at one point, but that was a large percentage of a much smaller market.

It also would not have moved web standards forward at all, just created another browser to support with kludges.

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