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Mac OS X Late last night (CET), we reported on the story that the VLC project needed more developers for the Mac version of this popular video player, or else the Mac variant may disappear. Just about every website out there reported on this issue, but it turns out it all got a bit exaggerated (on the internet? Surely you jest...). We spoke to VLC developer Pierre d'Herbemont to clarify the issue, and they've also put up a wiki page about the so-called demise of the Mac version of VLC. He also detailed what, exactly, they meant by "Apple is blocking us".
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RE[4]: Not Mac Enough
by StephenBeDoper on Sat 19th Dec 2009 00:49 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Not Mac Enough"
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"Sure, you can get something else to run, but it'll suck in comparison.

Unless, of course, there *is* nothing else to run, because none of the relatively few available devs for your platform have yet to get around to reinventing that wheel. Or maybe the 'native' alternatives look real pretty, but suck on features...

Sure. And there's a difference between someone who prefers native app (while still being willing to put up with non-native if necessary), and someone who just automatically turns their nose up at any non-native app. The former is a reasonable position, the latter is the very definition of putting form over function.

That's how I read Bryan's post (as an example of the former sentiment), I don't really see where you're getting the platform elitism thing from.

How ironic that 'that other platform' thats kicking all of our asses is controlled by a company that, for whatever reason (by accident or incompetence, you decide), never did get around to establishing a deep, consistent, universal look-act-n-feel (even this company's own apps don't all look/behave the same) and thus their platform never really fell into this elitism trap...

That's a bit of a false dichotomy. For one, there's no shortage of GUI visual inconsistencies to be found on OS X (even among Apple's apps). And given that there are many more applications available for Windows, there's naturally going to be a greater variety of visual appearances.

and that is probably part of the reason *why* they are kicking our asses.

I doubt Microsoft's policies/philosophies on application visuals has much to do with it. If a lack of visual standards makes a platform a success, then Java GUI apps should have overtaken everyone else years ago.

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