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Hardware, Embedded Systems In a very unsurprising move, Psystar is closing up shop. It will fire its eight employees, and be done with it. There isn't more to say, really, except this: one down, at least four to go, of which three in Europe. Good luck bullying those three, Apple. Update: Psystar's lawyers have stated that the original story wasn't true. Psystar will continue to litigate the legality of Rebel EFI through the motion process described by Judge Alsup. They will also continue the Florida case.
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RE[2]: Goodbye
by darknexus on Sat 19th Dec 2009 22:35 UTC in reply to "RE: Goodbye"
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They should have continued to make systems that were Windows and Linux compatible.

Why? The PC market is a massive race to the bottom at the moment. They'd never have been able to compete against the big guys with the reputation they've received from this whole mess. Even as a Mac "clone" maker they didn't do all that well, they sold a whopping 768 machines as I recall reading here recently. Even the big OEMs (Dell, HP, etc) aren't exactly earning much of a proffit from PC sales since they have to simply keep cutting prices over and over again. The proffits these OEMs are making is coming from their other product lines, not from their consumer PCs. Psystar wouldn't have a chance, not now that most of the tech community regards them with pronounced mistrust.

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