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X11, Window Managers As a result of the MPX integration in the mainline X.Org Server, the French-based ENAC Interactive Computing Lab produced a new video showing off the new multi-touch capabilities using Fedora 12 with its X Server 1.7 and Linux 2.6.31 kernel.
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Mark Williamson
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"Increasingly I get as whether MPX allows multi-touch. The answer is neither yes nor no."

"here's the big difference: some devices can detect the area of touch, rather than a single point. And here's where it gets interesting, as this allows gestures. [...] This is true "touch support", and by far not commonplace yet. One of the prominent examples that supports true multi-touch is MS Surface."

So this demo is still cool and still allows multiple touch points, which is obviously a big improvement to a large number of users. It's just worth noting that devices can potentially support even more variation than just multiple points. The MPX guy also notes that getting multi-point is the harder part of the work and that he's experimented a bit with "full" multitouch support, so by building on top of MPX it should be possible to do that too.

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