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OSNews, Generic OSes I just stumbled upon an interesting forum thread over at The thread details whether or not AmigaOS and MorphOS should be called "hobby operating systems", and what kind of criteria should be applied. This sounded like an interesting point of discussion for OSNews.
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RE: Who's the hobbyst?
by roger_ramjet on Mon 21st Dec 2009 00:50 UTC in reply to "Who's the hobbyst?"
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I think looking at it from the developers point of view is not 100% correct.

I will go a step further than my earlier post that it is the users view.

I think the hobby distinction comes from the way somebody INTERACTS with the OS.

to the developer it may be a hobby OS.
To somebody at home it may be their livelihood.

My final definition is a hobby OS is an operating system that is interacted with by somebody for the purposes of their hobby.

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