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Windows "In this column, I'd like to try to answer some of the questions that we've seen asked repeatedly in the new Microsoft Windows 64-bit Newsgroup. The newsgroup became available during the launch of Windows XP Professional x64 Edition, and has been quite active since the launch."
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by suryad on Tue 4th Oct 2005 19:53 UTC
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I used nLite to get rid of the 16 bit backwards compatibility deal totally from my XP 32 bit setup. I wonder if nLite is out for 64 bit XP. The most important problem I would think is the lack of drivers at this point since people are being rather lazy in making the transition to 64 bit. Granted that so far there are no convincing reasons besides certain mission critical apps and most joe schmos dont know the differene between 32 bits and 64 bits so to all you pioneers playnig with 64 bit...a bit of patience is required.

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