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BeOS & Derivatives Today there are many operating systems available. Every vendor or community round it tries to make it as good as possible. Having different goals, different legacy and different cultures, they succeed in it more or less. We (end users) end up with big selection of operating systems, but for us the operating systems are usually compromise of the features that we would like to have. So is there an operating system that would fit all the needs of the end user? Is is the BeOS clone Haiku?
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Oh, man...
by v_bobok on Mon 21st Dec 2009 21:24 UTC
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This is just plain wrong question. Is Haiku a perfect operating system currently in it's today's state. Frak no. Not even close.

But just look at the completely fresh architecture of it! Zero unix crap in the major subsystems (except maybe the networking stack, which is sort of from BSD and stuff, not worse than in Windows 7 btw). That means cleanest desktop OS experience ever. You're not happy with the "poor" Haiku API? No problemo, help developers to make R1 and you can build revolutionary new crazy awesome new API for all good people.

The right question is: How To Make Haiku A Perfect Desktop Operating System?

And forget about current Haiku UI. Read the tech specs of the graphic engine, it's the frakking "Anti Grain Geometry (AGG)" anti-aliased alpha-channeled awesomeness. It means shadows, gradients, transparent stuff and all the goods. If Haiku ever gets completely 2D accelerated video drivers - man, it will fly as the wild wind even on the fraking netbooks and such things. I'm not talking about 3D acceleration even, man... If it ever will be available on Haiku side - BOOM it's will be right there: Your wettest, deepest and dirtiest Compiz/Beryl fantasies may come true in very simple not fraking all the settings up way (hello CompizConfig)! Just imagine how great it might be with the hardware 3D! OpenCL/VDPAU acceleration and good old opensource OpenGL videogames.

What I want to say, is that Haiku today already is unbelievably fantastic OS for a base platform to develop the any kind of true non-unix non-windows quality open-source desktop awesome stuff on top of it. And it's in MIT license!

So which sign from Gods we are waiting for? Grab the best and drop the worst of all relevant technological achievements from the Big Trio* and go go go.

Big Trio = Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

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