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BeOS & Derivatives Today there are many operating systems available. Every vendor or community round it tries to make it as good as possible. Having different goals, different legacy and different cultures, they succeed in it more or less. We (end users) end up with big selection of operating systems, but for us the operating systems are usually compromise of the features that we would like to have. So is there an operating system that would fit all the needs of the end user? Is is the BeOS clone Haiku?
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RE: Haiku's UI dated?
by Parry Hotter on Mon 21st Dec 2009 22:45 UTC in reply to "Haiku's UI dated?"
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To me, even though I have never been a BeOS user, Haiku has the look of fast and no nonsense. The 2D feel sits very well with me.
To Joe Sixpack however, whom I have subjected to Haiku many times, Haiku does seem to look like Windows 95. I suppose it's the absence of rounded corners, transparency, glossy buttons and what not.
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