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BeOS & Derivatives Today there are many operating systems available. Every vendor or community round it tries to make it as good as possible. Having different goals, different legacy and different cultures, they succeed in it more or less. We (end users) end up with big selection of operating systems, but for us the operating systems are usually compromise of the features that we would like to have. So is there an operating system that would fit all the needs of the end user? Is is the BeOS clone Haiku?
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by kaiwai on Tue 22nd Dec 2009 04:02 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by cerbie"
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Double clicking makes accidental dragging easy to do, and does not always work perfectly with a mouse. Everyone but Gnome gets by just fine w/o double-click, and getting rid of it as a necessity would be a good UI move.

Most of the UI has no more than three actions, and I always have at least three mouse buttons.

Mate, get a grip - the IT world has been rocking along on double click until some dickhead at Microsoft created Internet Explorer 4, integrated the bloody thing into Windows to the point that EVERYTHING was treated like a webpage and thus for the last 10 damn years it has been a downward slide in usability ever since!

Quick frankly, the single clickers of the world can take their single clicking, treating the whole UI like a webpage and cram it up their jaxy! I really am sick and tired of seeing UI concept that actually worked 10 years ago being thrown out then later discovered 10 years later by clueless Windows centric programmers who couldn't work out that we had the knowledge 10 years ago but it being rebranded as a 'innovation' and 'step forward'.

Dear god, Microsoft went and developed a ribbon interface when the whole issue could have been avoid had they a universal menu at the top and thus allowed a combination of ribbon and menu to co-exist! 10-15 years worth of UI study, design and research thrown out the window by Microsoft in favour of a broken UI paradigm that was designed not on any fundamentals but merely as a knee jerk reaction to what others were doing in the industry.

Mark my post down to oblivion because you know I am correct - anyone older than 25 will tell you what computing was like; what a monumental joke Windows 3.11 (and still is to this day) was like when compared to what Amiga, Mac OS and Atari had on offer.

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