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BeOS & Derivatives Today there are many operating systems available. Every vendor or community round it tries to make it as good as possible. Having different goals, different legacy and different cultures, they succeed in it more or less. We (end users) end up with big selection of operating systems, but for us the operating systems are usually compromise of the features that we would like to have. So is there an operating system that would fit all the needs of the end user? Is is the BeOS clone Haiku?
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RE[3]: Haiku's UI dated?
by Glynser on Tue 22nd Dec 2009 10:24 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Haiku's UI dated?"
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Well, I still don't agree fully ;) but all I wanted to say is that a "newer" design doesn't have to be a "better" one.

I prefer the 90s GUI looks, that's why I use GNOME with a rather plain look. I don't want the GUI to get into my way, so I prefer it edgy, grey, opaque, and without animations. For me, it's more important that everything lies plain in front of me and that every dialog looks and behaves the same. Windows 7 is a complete catastrophe for me, everything is shiny, translucent, rounded, shadowed, animated, and so on, but if you want to get some work done, it's not good in my opinion. Even Office 2007 has a completely pointless shiny shine effect behind the pages! If I want to create documents, the least thing I want is a frame and background around it that is even more "designed" than the document itself.

I agree that a GUI shouldn't look "bad" or "ugly", but for me, a GUI like e.g. the one in Windows 95 is not ugly, it's just plain because it's nothing more or less than a GUI, so it doesn't really "look" at all. It would need more pointless design elements to be able to look "good" or "ugly", and those are always a matter of taste. But the more "plain" a GUI is, the less it can "look" at all.

Example of an old GUI that looks ugly in my opinion:

Example of Win95 GUI which is so plain that there's no room for matter of taste:

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