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Mozilla & Gecko clones "The Mozilla development community has rolled out the latest beta of its Firefox 3.6 browser. In addition to the usual round of bug fixes, Firefox 3.6 beta version 5, comes with a number of new features and performance enhancements. The browser offers the ability for users to easily reskin the browsers with a new visual theme. The new version can also run scripts asynchronously, which should speed load times of pages that have multiple scripts. The new release also aims to appease cutting-edge developers, with support for various new standards."
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RE[5]: chrome vs firefox
by boldingd on Tue 22nd Dec 2009 17:52 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: chrome vs firefox"
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I fail to see how extensions are either a form of lock-in or a particular security risk. True, users will have to exercise a degree of discretion in selecting which extensions to trust and install, but that's pretty much true of all software -- even with package management in a Linux distribution, you're trusting the distribution authors, and the people packaging the software (which is probably fairly safe). I really don't see how the ability to install and use NoScript somehow degrades my browser's security.

And I don't really see how they're a lock-in either. Calling something a lock-in implies that steps are deliberately being taken to prevent competitors from implementing a similar feature, or preventing compatibility with competitors' products. The FireFox team is doing neither, to my knowledge: if google gets their extension framework sorted out and NoScript gets ported (or a function-alike is created), then there won't really be anything the FireFox team can do, and I wouldn't expect them to try prevent such an occurrence anyway.

Edit: And, when did Epiphany become more than Gecko in GTK decorations?

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