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Microsoft With the end of the year in sight, the great list-making time has come upon us. Newsweek makes ten predictions for 2010, and at number 9, they predict the end of the road for Steve Ballmer at Microsoft. I never really thought about it that much, but if you line up Microsoft's failures over the past years, it's actually a miracle his head hasn't rolled yet.
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IE3 was nice, and did feel faster than Netscape 4, which was getting chunky and bloated. However, neither compared to Opera 2?/3?, which fit on a floppy and ran circles around them both.

Back in the late Win3 / early Win9x days, IE was better than Netscape, but didn't compare to Opera. I used to carry around a floppy with Opera 3 on it, just so I could use it on the lab machines at the local college and library. ;)

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