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Legal Earlier this year, a judge ruled that Microsoft willfully infringed on an XML-related patent held by i4i, and ordered the company to pay 290 million USD. In addition, if the Redmond giant didn't comply within 60 days of the ruling, Word would be banned from the US market. Microsoft later received a stay on this injunction, pending appeal. This appeal failed for Microsoft, as the earlier ruling has been upheld.
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by gustl on Tue 22nd Dec 2009 19:57 UTC
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I would like to know if patents are a net benefit for Microsoft.

The Bilski case which is to be decided next year could well mean that software patents will become obsoleted in the US, on the other hand Microsoft seems to be in favour of software patents, which seems to be the only source of FUD against FOSS left to them.

So I guess Microsofts patents may not be the big money bringer, could even be a loss, but strategically they might well be invaluable.

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