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Microsoft With the end of the year in sight, the great list-making time has come upon us. Newsweek makes ten predictions for 2010, and at number 9, they predict the end of the road for Steve Ballmer at Microsoft. I never really thought about it that much, but if you line up Microsoft's failures over the past years, it's actually a miracle his head hasn't rolled yet.
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never thought him much cop
by REM2000 on Tue 22nd Dec 2009 21:23 UTC
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If steve jobs is the CEO of the decade then Balmer is the worst of the decade. I have never heard him say anything remotely sensible or positive for Microsoft.

From his Linux is a cancer, to the iPhone is never going to have a share of the market above 4% and is never going to beat Windows Mob. He moves from one blunder to another.

People link Steve Sinofsky, Mark Russovich, Ray Ozzy do much more for Microsoft than Balmer can ever dream off, let one of these charismatic people take over and put Microsoft in a positive light. It's always been my annoyance that there are many very clever people at microsoft, they work hard and build up good creditability and respect and then this baffoon comes in a blunders it up.

I am surprised after so many problems that his head hasn't rolled sooner. Yes Microsoft are still making a profit but it could make a lot more. The company is very unfocused and needs someone to tie it all togeather. Why does the zune have a better UI than Windows Mobile. Why isn't MCE, Xbox, Zune and WinMobile not tied in better, like iTunes, Apple TV, iPod and iPhone? Microsoft's server products are going from strength to strength but again i feel that many departments are only just starting to talk to each other (i.e. Windows Server + SQL Server teams for workload governing etc..) But i think this can be attributed to Ray, Steve Sinsofsky and Mark than Balmer.

Let the idiot loose and get a CEO which can do Microsoft some good.

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