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BeOS & Derivatives Today there are many operating systems available. Every vendor or community round it tries to make it as good as possible. Having different goals, different legacy and different cultures, they succeed in it more or less. We (end users) end up with big selection of operating systems, but for us the operating systems are usually compromise of the features that we would like to have. So is there an operating system that would fit all the needs of the end user? Is is the BeOS clone Haiku?
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Changes in the GUID
by konrad on Wed 23rd Dec 2009 09:24 UTC
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This is what I´d like to see change in Haiku in the future. Some might already be changed though.

Monitor the tracker settings and save on change instead of save them in the destructor.

Fix the terrible desktop grid. Stippi I saw that you complaind on OS X desktop, well atleast it works in OS X. (Switch between the mini-icon mode and icon mode to see my point, can you even sort by "filetype", "name" etc in Haiku?). While we are at the desktop, can you have a larger font for the desktop?

Tracker navigation (Back, Forward, Up) just look ugly in my eyes. I love Haiku Tracker otherwise (How you navigate).

I would also love to see filtering and "Bread crums" support for the navigation "url"-string.

I guess semi-transperency, freeform windows etc will come when you got 3D Acceleration?

Is there a Exposé like function in Haiku? (Except show desktop).

Another thing that would be nice is to mark files with different colors (For tracker to use). Like compressed, code, settings file etc.

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