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Legal Earlier this year, a judge ruled that Microsoft willfully infringed on an XML-related patent held by i4i, and ordered the company to pay 290 million USD. In addition, if the Redmond giant didn't comply within 60 days of the ruling, Word would be banned from the US market. Microsoft later received a stay on this injunction, pending appeal. This appeal failed for Microsoft, as the earlier ruling has been upheld.
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RE: wow, just wow
by dulac on Wed 23rd Dec 2009 13:27 UTC in reply to "wow, just wow"
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I'm certainly no fan of Microsoft but this is garbage.

Yeap... Just feels good to see the bully get caught in it's own game... It is stupid anyway, and one should ask why...

The patent system was created to protect the lonelly inventor, not corporations... however the system was subverted to what is now seen.

Besides... inventions are one thing... exploints of other ideas are NOT inventions. And that is what happens in computing. We hardly see any inventions... However, exploits ARE for some decades accepted as inventions... Just because the patent system was subverted. Thake the double-click patent from Microsoft... they did NOT invent the mouse. And the double-click... is an obvious thing... and Microsoft is not an inventor to get a patent or to possess one.

When a corporation possesses an "idea"... that reflects the acceptation that the corporation possesses the inventor mind : A new form of slavery!
This should be enough to evaluate the new system and denounce it's lack of legitimacy.

It's a shame that our court systems have such a limited grasp of technology that they think they can literally ban <...>

Right! But isn't that the result of the government not having the necessary abilities to govern? Only to direct in absence of ability (implicating an absence of legitimacy). So it is only a machine that goes on... even when the function is no longer there. Ex: The FDA is turned to protect an industry instead of
protecting the citizens... and can face accusations of crimes against mankind, even if nobody has the financial chance to place them.

So, it is the Legal system that is also turned against Justice... if Money is so necessary to "battle" in the legal system, where is justice? And if "The People" become a propaganda word... isn't that a tyranny? Even if accepted due to the lost of perspective ?

This is so mindblowingly stupid and annoying, I'm finding it hard to comprehend how any living being with more than a half a brain cell could believe they have this much power.

As the cover does not bring content, it is obvious that a state machine by itself is no assurance that it will serve it's purpose. Nor that all their mechanisms will keep their goal. They can and have been subverted,
And a corporation is certainly NOT an inventor, just a virtual entity that was only accepted as long as serving the society (after all... it lives from society). The subversion there is even more perverse.

Our governments need to learn ...

Sure... but it is only a virtual entity... Not real except perhaps in the power of our acceptance. It doesn't not have to make sense though it should.
A friend once stated that Orwell's "1984" was fulfilled... Why? I asked... "because nobody noticed!" he answered!

How scary is the idea of a retarded tyrant?

Very,,, but we should not confuse the puppet with the puppetier ... and the latest is more dangerous if it is squizoid. We know for sure that the so called "governments" are usually autistic. But isn't that the face of all "institutions" now that "the people" is considered a herd of "consumers" to feed the corporations?

Yes... Something is very wrong.
We allowed to be "consumers" instead of citizens.

Merry Christmas (instead of Chop-mas)

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