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Google The past few weeks the entire internet has been going bonkers over the Google phone, yet another in a long line of Android phones that has everyone's knickers in twists. Up until now we had to go by small photos and Twitter messages from Google employees, but now we have full specifications, a hands-on, and video.
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Ah, and there is the question, does the n900 even fall into the classic definition of a "phone"? I think the value of an item is in what you use it for. If you need great web browsing and computing on the go and don't want to carry it around on a shoulder strap, perhaps over 300 isn't too much.

Depends on how much you value the convenience.

But I know what you're saying, I won't spend over 150 for a graphics card or 200 for a processor. . . or over 80 for a ram stick.

But would I spend 300 for a GPU/CPU fusion processor? Yes, I could imagine it. . .

But then again, I spent 350 for my keyboard and 900 for my monitor, depends on your priorities.

Perhaps selling a laptop to pay for a phone that would replace the function would help make you feel better about it.

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