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Google The past few weeks the entire internet has been going bonkers over the Google phone, yet another in a long line of Android phones that has everyone's knickers in twists. Up until now we had to go by small photos and Twitter messages from Google employees, but now we have full specifications, a hands-on, and video.
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RE: Locked, unlocked
by darknexus on Thu 24th Dec 2009 10:45 UTC in reply to "Locked, unlocked"
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Sounds like someone's got more sense in Bangkok then. Here in the US, and many other places as well, carriers are allowed to lock the phone to only accept their own sim card. In fact, I can't recall ever getting a phone from a carrier here that wasn't locked. Personally, I think it's stupid. The carriers could still subsidize the phone and make their offers attractive without the lock. But then again, all of the cel services here suck in one way or another, so I guess they want to get a hook into you with the phone lock.
Personally I think that falls under a monopoly, as that gives one carrier an exclusive on a phone more often than not. Still, the overpaid lawyers obviously found a way to get around that idea.

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